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Freiburg Balboa & Blues Weekend with Eran & Isabelle

16th - 18th of March, 2018 

You have always wanted to dance Balboa or Blues? Or improve your skills?

Then don't miss out on this special occasion: one weekend of workshops with Eran and Isabelle!


Have you seen Eran dance Balboa and Blues?


So? Are you interested? :-)


Program & Prices


Select your workshop


Beginner Blues / Beginner Balboa 
You have either no prior knowledge or would like to refresh and improve your basics/foundations.
Du hast entweder keine Vorkenntnisse in Balboa oder möchtest deine Basics auffrischen und verbessern (wir wissen ja alle wie wichtig die Grundlage ist! :-))
Blues Intermediate
You've had already been to several Blues workshops or classes and have gained quite some experience social dancing.
Du hast schon mehrere Blues-Workshops/Kurse hinter dir und hast einiges an Erfahrungen mit Social Dancing gesammelt. 
Balboa Advanced-Beginner / Intermediate
You haven't been dancing Balboa for a very long time, but you've already learnt the following moves - and possibly a few more - and feel comfortable using them: Uphold/Downhold Basic, Paddles, Come Around, Out & Ins, Lollies, Throw-outs.
Du tanzt noch nicht so lange Balboa, hast aber die folgenden Figuren  - und vielleicht noch mehr - schon gelernt und fühlst dich damit sicher: Uphold/Downhold Basic, Paddles, Come Around, Out & Ins, Lollies, Throw-outs.
Balboa Advanced
You've been dancing Blaboa for at least 2 years on a regular basis and you have acquired a broad repertoire of moves. You feel comfortable dancing at high speed and like to work on the details of Balboa, in order to improve the connection with your partner and the music.
Du tanzt seit mindestens zwei Jahren regelmäßig Balboa und hast ein umfangreiches Repertoire von Figuren. Du kommst auch bei schnelleren Tempi zu recht und arbeitest gerne an den Nuancen von Balboa, um die Verbindung zum Partner und zur Musik zu verbessern.


All classes will take place in the Swing-in' Freiburg dance school: Rosastrasse 9, 79098 Freiburg (5 Min. from the main train station).


Last but not least: The Party!

There will be a big party on Saturday night at Swing-in' Freiburg starting at 20:30. There will be two dancefloors: One blues room and one room with upbeat Swing for Balboa, Charleston and Lindy Hop.

Entry: 3-5€, free for the participants of the workshop.